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12 symptoms of moronavirus

No vaccine until November

Jeffrey Denny

1. Amid a spreading pandemic, illness and death, declaring “I think we are doing a really good job in this country at keeping it down. We have really been very vigilant and we have done a tremendous job at keeping it down.”

2. Forgetting or ignoring, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job” as Katrina drowned New Orleans.

3. “The White House scrambles to clarify key details from Trump’s speech announcing his coronavirus response” as “his own administration and other US officials publicly contradicted three important claims from his speech.” — sample news item following speech.

4. Still believing anything this president says and that his boot-licking sock-puppet echo-chamber propagandist state media dutifully parrots. (Fool me 16,000 times…)

5. Getting huffy and nit-picky about Bloomberg’s statement, “№1, he fired the pandemic team two years ago. №2, he’s been defunding Centers for Disease Control.” (It’s true in effect.)

6. For three years, swallowing every one of his bald-faced whoppers — the Mueller report was a “complete and total exoneration” (“No,” Mueller said) — while holding his critics to a standard of precision he fails every day.

7. Sneering at scientists — including those who warn of climate change — and trusting the “hunch” of a reality TV clown who contradicts his own public health experts who are trying to save lives.

8. Attacking the professional media for doing its job keeping people informed with the facts that will save lives, calling the Covid-19 coverage a “hoax,” “fake news,” “a tool to politicize things and to scare people” and “yet another attempt to impeach the president.”

9. Attacking anyone who dares to question a president who — with straight face — calls himself a “stable genius.”

10. Still thinking he is. Or having any faith in him whatsoever.

11. Cheering as the president destroys the Affordable Care Act that millions of people count on to guarantee medical coverage, including for preexisting conditions, e.g., everyone with Covid-19. While ignoring his promised “phenomenal” replacement for the ACA that’s nowhere in sight.

12. Hurting innocent people and the country by propping up this utterly incompetent failure as a president, essentially coughing moronovirus in America’s face.

As scientists, medical professionals and public health officials scramble to control Covid-19, there is not, nor will there ever will be, a cure for stupidity. But we can treat it on November 3.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer

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