Secret consultant memo urges “Liar Liar” truth strategy

Jeffrey Denny


To: Republican National Committee

From: Marshland Political Strategies, LLC

Re: Winning America by telling the truth

In the past 20 years, the GOP has lost every Presidential popular vote except one, and that was GW Bush 18 years ago.

Red areas across America are turning Blue. We just lost the House and Senate again.

Forget the narrow margins — without our decades of gaming the electoral system, including our former President’s heroic efforts to manipulate the outcome, we would have lost even bigger in 2020.

The reasons are simple.

As America’s demographics evolve, our reliable white, older…

Some maybe he should?

Jeffrey Denny

“President” Joe Biden’s “Nothinburger” scandal continues to divide America instead of unite us like he promised.

Biden pledged to ban hamburgers to save the planet. Then he flipped under the searing heat like a McDonald’s all-beef patty. This has left a bad taste in America’s mouths, also like a McDonald’s all-beef patty.

Meanwhile, Biden should be banning-not-banning worse foods:

Soylent Green

The 1973 dystopian film predicted that in 2022 — yep, next year — the world would be overcrowded and starving.

Humanity survives on a miraculously plentiful and nutritious food that critics said tastes hauntingly like kale acai kombucha protein…

Would you get a shot if it kept the Bidens from getting even gianter?

Give these ideas a shot!

Jeffrey Denny

To boost Covid vaccinations and overcome resistance and hesitancy, many jurisdictions are “incenting,” to borrow the business buzzword bingo lingo.

New Jersey offers a beer with a shot, like Clint Eastwood orders as he bellies up to a Wild West saloon bar. Maryland state employees get $100. West Virginia bribes Gen Z and Millennials with a $100 savings bond. Los Angelinos take home a sack of fresh produce. In Detroit, if you drive someone to a vaccine site you get a $50 prepaid debit card. In Washington, D.C., …

Winning ugly is still winning

Jeffrey Denny

“The perfect match is finding a way to win that match.” –Brad Gilbert, U.S. tennis champion and famed coach to tennis stars; author, “Winning Ugly”

Among passionate tennis hackers like me, there are two types of players.

Type A players will do anything to win. Winning is everything. Tennis is a game and the point of games is to win.

Many don’t play so well. Their strokes look less like Federer and more like they’re fighting off a swarm of murder cicadas. But they play just as viciously.

Dink, drop, push, chop, psyche, it’s all fair game and…

Eager for action, hot for the game

Jeffrey Denny

Now that I’ve gotten my J&J (pre-pause), I look forward to not sitting home and staring at my image on WebEx calls wondering whether it was the pandemic or WebEx that made me look like Freddy Krueger from “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Like most people, I desperately want to go back to avoiding personal contact with loved ones. I’m dying to not replace FOMO with FONO because I fear normal more than missing out. Because YOLO!

In other words, I’m somewhat ready to get up, get out and par-tay.

Where to begin? Non-Covid life imposes too many choices.

Image from NY Daily News

Or is politics all just sarcastic, nihilist, gaslighting, moneymaking joke entertainment performative theater?

Jeffrey Denny

We know the Left takes words seriously.

That’s why the libs are being called out for calling out words: hateful words, hurtful words, inciteful words, knucklehead words, dog-whistled words, obvious human-whistled words for Neanderthals too stupid to hear dog whistles, and verbal aggression words both macro and micro, once known as insults.

Do words matter on the Right? They used to.

Growing up in a Republican household, I was taught by the taste of Ivory soap that my words mattered.

In my lifetime, Republicans traditionally have respected the meaning of the words of our leaders.

When Reagan said… Graphica Collection/Heritage Images — Getty Images

Socialist conspiracy to keep us indoors even longer

Jeffrey Denny

“Brood X is almost here!” CNN screamed. “Billions of cicadas to emerge in eastern US!”

That’s what they WANT you to think.

Just like with COVID-19, the massive cicada “outbreak” of 2021 in fact is a fake news media conspiracy, in this case to prop up Socialist puppet Joe Biden because when few if any die from the historic swarm of cicadas, he’ll get credit for it.

But real patriotic Americans aren’t brainwashed by their media. As Tucker Carlson told us, we know the so-called CICADA-21 is just another liberal hoax. Not to mention more assault on our…

“Some rich people are gaming the system to get COVID-19 vaccines using hefty donations and cozy relationships with CEOs”/Business Insider

How to jump the line and still feel fine

Jeffrey Denny

I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die — Vampire Weekend

Even more disturbing than Covid vax deniers, bless their poor misguided hearts, are the vax entitled.

These are elites who grab shots before their turn so they may live long and prosper while the vax populi sicken and die. Let them eat ventilators!

Maybe you know someone who jumped the vax line. Maybe you’re ashamed to be that someone. Maybe right now you’re reading a Medium post by a hypocritical someone who landed a single-dose Johnson & Johnson through connections.

Jumping the Covid vax…


Our national capital is un-American

Jeffrey Denny

With Democrats briefly in charge of the White House and Congress, they’re rushing through their radical liberal wish list.

Open borders? Check. Free college and healthcare? Check. Welfare for All, Green New Deal, canceling freedom starting with hate speech and assault weapons? Check, check and check. Making America Socialist? Working on it.

Next up: DC Statehood.

The crazy left wing wants to grant some 700,000 Americans in Washington — roughly the number in Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming — full representation to go along with taxation. …

Trumps Trump

Jeffrey Denny


Like Jan Brady complaining that her sister Marcia gets all the attention, Republican Neanderthals, their puppet Trump media and other domestic terrorists continue to be tragically obsessed with a certain Millennial from the Bronx, New York.

They call her AOC, even with the respect she is due as a twice-elected Member of Congress to be called the Honorable U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And she’s back in the news, calling for her fellow Queens, New Yorker, Governor Andrew “Not Super Mario” Cuomo, to step down for behavior that his dad would slap him for.

AOC is…

Jeffrey Denny

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