AOC, Still Public Enemy #1


Like Jan Brady complaining that her sister Marcia gets all the attention, Republican Neanderthals, their puppet Trump media and other domestic terrorists continue to be tragically obsessed with a certain Millennial from the Bronx, New York.

They call her AOC, even with the respect she is due as a twice-elected Member of Congress to be called the Honorable U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And she’s back in the news, calling for her fellow Queens, New Yorker, Governor Andrew “Not Super Mario” Cuomo, to step down for behavior that his dad would slap him for.

AOC is but a lowly sophomore in Congress. Being just one of 535 U.S. members of Congress, 0.18 percent of our Legislative Branch and chairing no committee, her actual political clout lacks whelm.

Yet in their odd obsession with her, Republicans and their media have transformed her into an overpowering Marvel Comic , more badass than Batwoman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow combined since they’re fictional and AOC is real.

What’s with the AOC hate?

While I glance-read , it’s hard to pop diagnose.

Are AOC haters offended by her fight for social, racial and economic justice, even if it helps poor Trump whites the most?

Are they irked by women in general? Especially “mouthy” Latinas?

Do they blame AOC for having a bad experience at LaGuardia Airport in Queens like everyone?

Is it garden-variety stalking by flaccid old white Republican men with a hate crush?

Or is it believing the conspiracy theories about AOC? For example:

AOC caused the Covid

The pandemic didn’t really start and spread from a Wuhan lab or its delicious “wet market” bats.

The Covid actually started when AOC was bartending in New York and served a Tsingtao beer to an Asian. It’s the AOC Flu!

AOC masterminded 9–11

Is it just a coincidence the World Trade Center was pretty near the Bronx where AOC was born?

Sure, AOC was only 11 when it happened. But she was nonwhite like the terrorists.

And people are saying that even back then she refused to celebrate Christmas like an American and invented “Festivus,” which her Queens neighbor Jerry Seinfeld later stole for his hit sitcom. Do your research!

AOC was Socialist from the start

Like today’s misguided antigun-violence youth, she hated America and also capitalism after a cool aunt who graduated Sarah Lawrence and drove an old Subaru — you know what I’m saying — turned her on to Karl Marx with a “Das Kapital” coloring book.

On Festivus, AOC demanded that nongluten locavore vegan holiday “treats” that fight climate disaster be distributed from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.

AOC teaches hate

She comes off as a fun, hip, “real” social media political influencer for Millennials, Gen Z and also Gen A infants getting their first iPhones.

Yet beware: AOC’s captivating Instagrams and witch’s Kool-Aid brew of “woke” propaganda is expanding and enslaving her cult to raise impertinent questions about white male supremacy and Amazon that delivers anything we want and need, whenever and cheaper.

Wait, there’s more to AOC’s reign of terror

Remember the old 2020 George Floyd killing and summer of civil unrest? The California fires? The Yemen humanitarian crisis? The Rohingya refugee crisis?

What about the Democrat stolen election? The failure to credit Trump for vaccines to fight the fake Covid? And how Biden has already not ended the pandemic after more than 50 days in office?

And what about Myanmar and the violent deadly Gen Z sedition insurrection against Millennial skinny jeans?

Whatever troubles America, it’s all Six Degrees of AOC, tracing back to her New York nonwhite liberal Democrat Socialist coastal elite who hate America.

Like Red Scare Senator Joe McCarthy was asked, at long last, AOC, have you no sense of decency?

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