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Pat Bagley/The Salt Lake Tribune

Democrats plot massive Trump voter suppression

Secret scheme bankrolled by George Soros

Jeffrey Denny

As President Trump surges in the polls, desperate Democrats are planning to steal the 2020 election with a secret plot, funded by notorious billionaire and Antifa-BLM® mastermind George Soros, to keep Trump supporters from casting their votes.

Code-named “Operation Marx,” the comprehensive Democrat voter-suppression scheme, already unfolding in dark shadows, was revealed by QAnon sources that wish to remain anonymous.

“The Democrat strategy to undermine the fundamental basis of our democracy and electoral system makes the Republican-Russian voter suppression effort for Trump look like child’s play,” one source said.

Colluding with leading Deep State organizations, including Facebook, Google, 8Chan, Fox, One America Network, Walmart, Amazon, and, the Democrats have compiled a massive trove of Trump voter data. With it they can profile, identify, locate and, with chilling pinpoint accuracy, target Trump supporters with anti-voting misdirection.

For example, by harnessing advanced digital technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, “the cloud,” spyware and Amazon Echo, the Democrats can home in on anyone who uses “God,” “flag” or “patriot” in their online pseudonyms or comments.

The Democrats are then using social media, message boards, conservative news site comment sections and patriotic cable channels to bombard these voters with fake news, false flags, fear-mongering claims and wild conspiracy theories.

The Democrat misinformation, developed with leading psychologists, sociologists, propagandists and Never Trump Republican political consultants, is crafted to fool even the smartest Trump supporters with several simple but effective messages:

Voting is dangerous

Antifa is manning the polling stations. BLM anarchists, looters, rioters and agitators will be there attacking police and patriot vigilantes. Planes loaded with thugs wearing black uniforms with gear are flying into Trump precincts.

And in case you still believe the Covid is real even if nobody you know has or died from it, you might catch Black Covid or Mexican Covid. Even worse, Liberal or LGBTQ+ Covid. Even if you die from it, your family will shun you.

Voting is unconstitutional

At polling places, you can’t express your First Amendment right to shout at “Mexican-looking” people that they need to prove they’re not voting illegally for welfare checks.

You also can’t express your Second Amendment right to bring your arsenal to fight off BLM Antifa anarchists and caravan hordes of illegals bringing drugs, crime and rape.

Other Constitutional amendments give nonwhite Americans the equal right to vote, which is erasing our proud heritage.

Voting is racist

Against whites. Look around — pretty soon, those people (you know who we mean) will be a majority of voters and take over America.

They’re already flooding into Trump Country after taking over the violent dangerous Democrat cities that are on fire. Definitely don’t go out to vote if you live there. They’ll call you racist for voting Trump.

Voting is self-defeating

Turnout for Trump will only encourage turnout against Trump.

Voting leads to government control

When you register to vote, you’re handing over your personal information to the Socialist bureaucrats in Washington so they can watch and control you, almost as well as Facebook and Google do.

If you love totalitarianism, sure, tell the government your name, address, driver’s ID and last four digits of your SSN (which they probably already have). Read Orwell, people!

Voting by mail is even worse

Beyond knowing exactly where you live, when you’re away, which bills you’re behind on, how vicious your dog is, and what items you’re stockpiling in your end-of-days bunker from the catalogues you get, the U.S. Postal Service is actually a secret government paramilitary operation. And they’re trained, ready and itching to take away your liberty.

Look at the military-style uniforms. Or their physical strength and endurance during holiday catalogue season and Mother’s Day. Not even snow, rain, heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, although cutbacks to rig the vote could. They’re even commanded by a general! The Postmaster General!

That friendly neighborhood postal carrier who brings you birthday cards from your grandma? Any day now, her SWAT team will be busting down your door with a no-knock warrant, shooting up your family, and asking questions later. Where the heck did you think the term “going postal” came from?

Do you want these shorts-wearing government thugs in over-the-calf socks coming to take away your guns? Then go ahead and vote by mail, dumbass.

Voting is liberal

Follow the breadcrumbs: Voting puts politicians in office. Politicians make laws. Laws lead to taxes on hardworking Americans to pay for lazy welfare people, and regulations that take away our freedom to do whatever we want to other people.

The Democrat Socialist elites love taxes and regulation. That’s why they love voting. Don’t be a Democrat Socialist elite.

Voting is unnecessary

Why bother? Like the last time, the Electoral College and a few people in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan will take care of it.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.

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