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I joined a gang. A Vespa gang.

1. Don’t use an apostrophe.

2. You can never retire.

3. You need permission to link to their website.

4. Don’t join another gang or club.

5. Show up at all their meetings.

6. You can only wear merch if you’re a member.

7. Respect your patches.

8. Don’t rat out fellow members.

9. Expect to live on your bike.

10.Don’t ask how to join.

11.You can’t work for a prison.

12.They ride in a particular order.

13.Never talk to the media.

14.You can only ride on a Vespa.

15.No women allowed.

16.There’s a dress code.

17.Always ask for consent.

18.You have to be voted in.

19.No substance abuse allowed.

20.The entire gang pulls over for police.

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