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I’m sorry, Trump lovers — I was wrong

You were right from the start

Jeffrey Denny

Whew! It feels good to let go of my defenses, cop to my failings, and admit I was wrong all along about President Donald J. Trump as he glides through impeachment to reelection.

Confession is good for the soul. Where do I start?

I should have known as soon as Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator he would be president and the best ever because he’s rich and smart.

I should have known he would beat Hillary because she’s horrible. And the smarty pants liberal polls and pundits would be wrong.

I should have respected that Trump would do things differently than other presidents, that he would break norms, shake up Washington, and challenge the anti-American deep state government bureaucrats because the experienced loyal overworked, underpaid public servants have it coming to them. Trump knows you have to break eggs to make omelets.

I should have realized the DemocRats were out to get Trump from the beginning because he challenged their “progressive” politically correct socialist liberal snowflake Antifa fascism as the threat to America it is, even if the proof is cherry-picked and exaggerated to rile folks for money.

I should have recognized the America-hating fake news mainstream media was also out to get Trump because he refused to suck up to their liberal agenda, he goes over their heads to speak directly to the people, and the media (other than Fox, right-wing talk radio and websites) cares more about feeding the liberal sheeple than the truth.

I should have appreciated Trump’s tweeting for being real and telling it like it is, warts and all. Instead I was offended thinking the president shouldn’t talk or act that way, he should be more respectful of people who disagree with him and also the people he appointed and were loyal to him.

Presidents should also use basic spelling, grammar, syntax and self control when communicating with the American people, I used to think wrongly. I’ve also failed to take nasty pleasure in the president smearing, sneering and jeering at Americans who have the temerity to question the president as our Founders dearly hoped we would.

All along, since I’m not that smart, I’ve misunderstood the Trump White House chaos, confusion and clown circus as bad leadership, when he’s actually crazy like a rabid fox and strategically brilliant in a way I could never comprehend.

I should have understood that Trump and his loyal fans aren’t racist anti-immigrant haters. They simply worry about the direction of the country, our culture, and illegals because the law’s the law and we’re getting too brown too fast when white lives matter too.

Worst of all, I couldn’t see how Trump is working hard every day to make America great, as evidenced by his incredible accomplishments enumerated at and also every day on Fox.

I should have known the evil, despicable DemocRats would do everything possible to take Trump down.

Now with “trumped up” charges of bribery, obstruction of justice, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

The DemocRats are just mad that Mueller completely exonerated Trump saying, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

The Mueller witch hunt wasted millions of public dollars, which the DemocRats are good at. But it was far less than wasted on the last big witch hunt (Hillary’s Benghazi investigations) because Trump is always trying to save hard-earned taxpayer money.

The liberals, however, keep on grasping at straws (the “environmentally woke” paper ones that stick to your lips).

I should have known the Trump Ukraine shakedown, his taxes and his emoluments charges were liberal hoaxes, just like climate change. The whole impeachment thing is liberal hoax. Liberals are a hoax!

I used to find The New Yorker informative, insightful, thought-provoking and supremely well written, like when it just declared this about the Trump impeachment hearings:

The House Republican caucus, which is much more comfortable acting as a raging protest group than a governing party, won’t abandon Trump. The White House’s narrative of a corrupt alliance of Democrats, deep-state officials, and the media conspiring to take down an anti-establishment President is one that appeals to the conspiratorial world view of many Republican representatives, who, in any case, are also beholden to Trump’s fanatical supporters and know it.

Now I know The New Yorker is compete “dreck,” as they say in coastal liberal socialist New York.

Please forgive me for my sins against Trump.

As a Democrat, I thought I was so damned smart just because I live in Washington, love public policy and went to college, which Trump supporters wisely say makes people with weak minds stupid.

We liberals, for example, prattle on about the Constitution’s separation of powers and rule of law that limits presidential power. We oddly think the president isn’t above the law. That’s what college does — it indoctrinates people to be socialist liberal haters of America and of real Americans who love our flag and the president.

But I’ve come to know that Trump and his fans are smarter. They have their better sources and facts plus the clarity and courage to believe what they believe. They don’t get caught up in arguing policy details when it’s easier and more fun to trigger the libs. As patriots, they simply want to save America from the stupid terrible horrible no good very bad liberal socialist DemocRats.

Most of all, I now know Trump is infallible and speaks the God’s truth always. He’s America’s pope even if he’s not pious. Anyone who says boo about Trump is attacking his supporters in a mean, hateful, personal, liberal way.

My new thoughts about Trump are completely opposite of what I used to think.

But I banged my head getting into a possibly illegal immigrant Uber Prius on the way to a Washington liberal think tank policy conference about the future of America. When I woke from my concussion, I saw the light.

I hope everyone who loves America will too.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.

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