Impeach President Clinton

We told you so — now lock ‘er up, already

Jeffrey Denny

In just her first 100+ days, President Hillary Clinton, who worked the electoral system to seize office like a military dictator even after losing the popular vote, has proven to be more of a disaster than we true American patriots warned about, or even imagined.

We had enough reasons to lock ‘er up — and Bill and Chelsea too — before her corrupt election. After her horrible no good inauguration speech, the liberals said, “You heard her! Come together! Right now! Over Her!”

Then after several major Hillary White House screw-ups, the liberals insisted, “Give her a chance!”

We did. But Hillary has shown us, day after day, scandal after scandal, she’s unfit for office. Enough is enough.

If Pelosi, Schumer and the lick-spittle Democrat Congress care more about America than their snowflake socialism, then it’s time to start the impeachment process. Now. Let’s get ‘er done. (Then we’ll figure out what to do with Kaine.)

To adopt and adapt the original patriots’ language of our Declaration of Independence, President Clinton’s regime has been a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world. The president:

Attacked private citizens on Twitter;

Delegitimized federal judges who rule against her;

Refused to take responsibility for military actions gone awry;

Fired the FBI chief in the middle of his expanding investigation into her campaign and her associates;

Accused a former president, without evidence, of an impeachable offense;

Employed top aides with financial and other connections to a hostile foreign power;

Blamed the judiciary, in advance, for any terror attacks;

Called the media “the enemy of the American people”;

Demanded personal loyalty from the FBI director;

Threatened the former FBI director;

Accepted foreign payments to her businesses, in possible violation of the Constitution;

Occupied the White House with the help of a hostile foreign power;

Intimidated congressional witnesses;

Allowed White House staff members to use their personal email for government business;

Neglected to fill thousands of crucial federal government positions for months;

Claimed without evidence that millions of people voted illegally;

Failed to fire high-ranking members of her national security team for weeks, even after knowing they lied to her vice president and exposed themselves to blackmail;

Used an unsecured personal cellphone;

Criticized specific businesses for dropping her family members’ products;

Reviewed and discussed highly sensitive intelligence in a restaurant, and allowed the Army officer carrying the “nuclear football” to be photographed and identified by name;

Obstructed justice;

Hired relatives for key White House posts, and let them meet with foreign officials and engage in business at the same time;

Promoted family businesses on federal government websites;

Colluded with members of Congress to try to shut down investigations of her and her associates;

Threatened military conflict with other nations in the middle of news interviews;

Compared the U.S. intelligence community to Nazis;

Displayed complete ignorance about international relations, her own administration’s policies, American history and the basic structure of our system of government;

Skipped daily intelligence briefings;

Repeated untruths; and


Ok, I lied too. This is the bill of particulars about President Trump as submitted by the New York Times in a May 14, 2017, editorial.

Accept or defend each or every one of these charges, or not.

But you have to choke-laugh about how the Fox/alt-right bloviators and die-hard Trumpsters would have exploded, heads spinning in purple, gleeful outrage, and banged the impeachment drums harder than Grohl if President Clinton had committed even some of these offenses.

If none of the offenses demanded Her impeachment, Trumpsters would declare the drumbeat they created has distracted her from leading the country effectively, so she should resign for the good of the office, America, and our standing in the world.

C’mon, Trumpsters, be honest: If Hillary had fired the FBI director amid an expanding investigation of her campaign, and then she and her people dissembled about the reason, would you accuse the mainstream media of making too much of it?

Or do you think the mainstream media would bury the story? How? Fox is celebrating (in spite of the O’Reilly thing) its 15th consecutive year as America’s most-watched cable news network. My friends, Fox IS the mainstream media that maintains #1 ratings by saying it’s not. (So I hoot when Trump apologists get on Fox to complain about the media on TVs everywhere.) And if the non-Fox networks are such big fat liars, then why did Trump get with NBC’s Lester Holt to ‘fess up on the Comey thing?

My point? The Trump issues aren’t partisan. Right, left, center or otherwise, if we care about the country, we should hold our chosen leaders to the same high standards. We should not excuse the worst behaviors or attack those who have the temerity to question them.

Die-hard Trump defenders and his GOP amen chorus aren’t helping him succeed. They’re supporting him into failure.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer

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