Key messages for the 2020 GOP convention

Making Trump Great Again

Jeffrey Denny
4 min readAug 22, 2020


Jeffrey Denny


To: 2020 Republican National Convention speakers

From: Michael Ahrens, RNC communications director

Re: Key messages for our amazing convention

Thank you for participating in this year’s historic convention, where, as the Democrats said — but we’re flipping it against them — the soul of America is at stake.

During the Democrat convention fiasco, the Biden-Harris America-hating liberal Socialist Marxist agenda was on full frontal display and destroyed their ridiculous hopes of defeating the Greatest President Ever.

We need to seize this moment to reinforce why President Trump and his loyal unified Republicans have stronger, more visionary leadership for a better America.

Let’s show America that we, not the Democrats, are the uniters. That we stand up for the real American values, and love God more than the Democrats hate God.

Most of all, Republicans will fight for real Americans against the Biden-Harris jack-booted government thugs who want to take away our liberty to not wear masks to fight the Covid and help restore our jobs and economy.

As you finalize your remarks for our convention, please reflect, however you wish, some key messages that will resonate with our real Americans:

Blue Lives Matter

The liberals who love anarchy, hate law and order, and cheer as Democrat mayors let rioters turn our cities into flames, want to put cops in jail instead of criminals. And that’s just wrong.

White Lives Matter

Our voters had nothing to do with slavery, it was a long time ago, so why should they feel bad? Many decent, hardworking and definitely not racist Americans are asking, “Where’s my white privilege?”

All Lives Matter

This always triggers the libs so it’s a powerful way to “own” them.

Confederate Lives Matter

We will not let the liberals erase America’s proud Southern heritage and tear down statues even if they celebrate the fight for slavery.

Q Lives Matter

The liberals always say the mentally disturbed deserve our decency and respect. So let’s embrace Q fans even if few vote because they fear it’s a Deep State conspiracy to hack their Pornhub passwords.

Unite the Right Lives Matter

For the record, we frown on white supremacists and neo-Nazis carrying torches and chanting “Jews will not replace us.” At least at the convention.

They’re good people too and have the First Amendment right to speak for blood and soil. But if you share their views, try to be subtle.

For example, use coded “dog whistle” messages for plausible deniability, such as “Kamala Harris isn’t a citizen.”

Needless to say, we need to keep racism on the down-low at least until after the convention.

Immigrant Hater Lives Matter

Find a respectful way to say that nonwhite immigrants, whatever their status, are a threat to America. For example, say, “they need to go back and do it right like my grandparents did.” Don’t worry if you have no idea if your grandparents actually did it right.

Also, avoid rising to the bait of the fake news media obsession with mothers separated from their caged children. A good fallback is to blame the mothers for illegally seeking safety and freedom for their children.

Gun Lives Matter

The NRA money scandals don’t matter. Millions of real Americans still believe they need military arsenals to protect their military arsenals, fight Hillary’s tyranny, and safeguard their homes and families from Antifa rioters and also nonwhite criminals who are abusing their Second Amendment gun rights.

Climate Deniers Matter

We have powerful evidence funded by the patriotic Koch Brothers that climate change is a job-killing anti-American liberal hoax, as Our President has tirelessly made clear.

Hotter summers, deadlier storms and ruinous flooding are happening more often because God is punishing liberalism, not due to carbon emissions by hardworking Americans.

Covid Deniers Matter

Real Americans know that so-called scientists like “Doctor” Anthony Fauci, in spite of all their training and experience, are actually stupid.

As Our Greatest President powerfully leading America through an historic pandemic, President Trump with his natural epidemiology abilities hasn’t spread the virus whatsoever with his denial, misinformation and lack of leadership as 170,000+ Americans so far have died. He has factual charts showing that America is not the worst in the world.

The nasty hateful Democrats viciously mock Our President for saying “It is what it is.” But what about when Bill Clinton said, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Work with that.

Always respond to any accusation against Our President with “what about the Clintons” or “what about Obama.” Or “what about AOC and Antifa.”

White suburban housewives matter

While they don’t exist much anymore, and some are low-income single moms receiving government housing vouchers, they certainly don’t want “those people” with their “low-income housing” moving in, not speaking American, and ruining the neighborhood.

Also talk about how the pink-hat, baby-killing Feminazis hate women.

Bigot lives matter

As noted above, the mentally disturbed deserve our decency and respect.

Tucker Carlson lives matter

Scions of wealthy families who live in $4 million Washington, DC, mansions afforded on $6 million incomes by fueling the resentments of regular Americans who are betrayed by Washington, DC, swamp creatures such as Carlson are people too.

Hate lives matter

Our voters love Jesus and the Bible, even if the popular Corinthians passage recited at Christian weddings doesn’t sound like President Trump.

You know, how love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. And love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth, etc. It all sounds pretty Democrat.

We need to love our base that loves hate, like Jesus would.

Bottom line, be you, be best, and have fun at our convention!

Virtually “see” you there!

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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