#MAGA is winning. Why is #MAGA whining?

Jeffrey Denny

TO follow the extreme kvetching by the #AlwaysTrump crowd and media about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Democrat liberal fascist socialists, you would think the Trump base was a powerless, put-upon, pitiful, huddled mass yearning to breathe free.

#MAGA plays the victim, hung down and brung down by the powerful coastal elite Hollywood establishment, PC police, and bearded college professors controlling the mainstream media, the government and our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness. As if #MAGA is America’s Palestinians. Some #MAGA even call themselves the Nixonian silent majority, even though silence hardly is their hallmark.

But let’s look at seven beautiful facts about #MAGA power:

1.#MAGA’s leader, its epic and beloved sexy hero arriving triumphantly on muscular and panting white steed, is the President of the United States. #MAGA’s man holds the highest office in the land and perhaps the world. He’s the leader of the most powerful economy and country, and Commander in Chief of the planet’s strongest military. He can push a button and blow up Earth if he wants to. He just might push a button to destroy Canada if it makes #MAGA happy and it gives him a second term.

2. Republicans — 90 percent supporting Trump — now control all three branches of the U.S. government — the executive branch, a major majority in both houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court. The latter two for quite a while, and the Court just upheld the Trump Muslim travel ban. #MAGA now holds the power and runs Washington and the federal government that many depend on but still complain about. Like Millennials carping about the parents they still live with.

3. Republicans also control most of our 50 states, with a majority of Republican governors and state legislators creating convoluted gerrymandered GOP-controlled congressional districts, making the U.S. map bleed oxygenated red. #MAGA runs our state governments too.

4. Republicans in power, in Congress and the states, mostly are cowed by, or proudly complicit with, Trump. They put up with, and some even celebrate, Trump’s nasty degradation, depravity and disgusting behaviors that denigrate the office and used to outrage responsible, reasonable Republican citizens like our parents. Read longtime conservative columnist George Will’s latest piece urging people to vote against Trump. Or read conservative Christian evangelical and former George W. Bush adviser and speechwriter Michael Gerson’s constant columns decrying Trump’s destruction of American values.

5. Fox News and its #MAGA audience delights in sneering about the mainstream media, even though Fox dominates the media as “the most-watched basic cable network” in prime time and in total daily viewership.

6.Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Fox & Friends and other “personalities” that snort at cosseted coastal mainstream media elites make tens of millions of dollars a year and finance lavish summer homes by preaching to the “real America” choir, boosting Fox cable unit’s reported $4.42 billion in revenues, its highest earnings ever, in just in the first 90 days of fiscal 2018.

7. The not-so-secret strategy of the GOP Senate is to speed through as many conservative federal judges as quickly as possible, no matter how qualified or not. Conservatives hate government intrusion in our private lives, but they want to make blessed sure government can intrude on women’s most private choices for decades to come.

In short, #MAGA: Congrats. Kudos. You won.

You’re the dog that caught the car. Everything your president and his amen chorus does it does for you. You’re Charles in Charge. You’re in control. You’re running the country now as maybe you never thought you might.

So why the obsession with “the liberals,” even reasonable middle of the roaders like me, just because we dare to challenge the president? Why are you so worked up about what Trump critics think, say, or do? You beat us! You have all the power. You’re running the show now.

Yes, my little dears: I know leadership is a terrible burden.

It’s much easier to tear things down than come up with a better plan embraced by most of Congress — even with your GOP majority — reflecting the will of 300 million diverse and geographically dispersed Americans.

It’s especially hard to understand or support any Trump policy since he changes his mind every 27 minutes, confusing and frustrating his political allies who are just trying to help him.

But real leaders don’t whine. Certainly not about those they defeated.

Real leaders don’t get infected by knicker-twist over critics, whether a cable TV commentator, a comedian, social media reaction to a ridiculous “I don’t care” message on a FLOTUS jacket meant (or not) to provoke as she heads off to a trip intended to convey caring. Leaders don’t obsess about a Virginia restaurant owner who overreacted from personal values like a homophobic wedding cake baker.

Real leaders don’t tear down public policies, for instance the Affordable Care Act that guarantees affordable care for those who need it most (just like Medicare does for our parents so they don’t go bankrupt or we don’t go bankrupt helping them), without offering a better policy that most Americans agree is better.

Real leaders don’t cheer for trade wars without knowing how it might hurt them, as it most definitely will, and perhaps already is.

Real leaders don’t jeer or nitpick the professional media that reports what they don’t want to hear. Killing the messenger is the final desperation of despots and their devotees who — if history serves — eventually will be victims of the despot too.

Real leaders question, even distrust, people who parrot their views. To my knowledge, pirates never listened to their parrots.

Real leaders don’t obsess about the views of the vanquished. Like Queen Elsa in Frozen, true leaders let it go. They act like winners and turn their focus to the job they won. They roll up their sleeves and get to work to unite the country around a better plan that most of us can agree on or at least accept.

Real leaders in American democracy have the grace to embrace even the losers — in fact, especially the losers, with all due respect to e pluribus unum.

Real leaders don’t continue to divide and insult to conquer. Real leaders don’t incite or chant hate at presidential rallies. Real leaders don’t encourage their president to blurt-tweet insults, and then act wounded by the clapback. Bullies try to provoke, and when they succeed, become innocent victims of those they provoke. Real leaders aren’t bullies.

So, #MAGA leaders, let go of obsessing about liberals. It’s not leader-like. It makes you sound weak, vengeful and clueless, the classic man without a plan, which inspires nobody ever to follow you.

As leaders of our nation, how about if you focus your brains, heart and online courage less on snarking about fascist liberals, and more on the work that needs to be done to Make America Great Again?

Like fixing healthcare, retraining people for the six million jobs that remain open for a chronic lack of skilled workers, rebuilding our infrastructure, and mending our political divide instead of throwing more logs on the fire.

And if you obsess about immigrant “criminals” flooding country, look into your hearts and ask honestly if it’s because they’re not whites from Canada or Northern Europe who look like you, act like you do, speak like you do and eat like you do. Ask yourself: If Canadians were coming here seeking asylum from the very dishonest and weak Justin Trudeau, would you be so up in arms?

Try focusing your passions on solutions better than the simplistic “build the wall” and calling people criminals before they’ve gone through our judicial system. The kid down the block who got busted for illegal possession of prescription opioids isn’t a criminal until due process says so. Due process is how America works and what makes us great.

Your GOP Congress is struggling to solve the immigration thing, but Trump and you won’t let them. Let them.

So act like winners and leaders, #MAGA. The nation turns its lonely eyes to you, wu wu wu.

And as our leaders, if you can’t or won’t do the job, we will hold you accountable. That’s our job as citizens, that’s always been the American way, and that’s what I’m doing here.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer




A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.

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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.

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