Political fundraising tricks that really work

  1. Maybe I know this Alex? Maybe he’s with a client company? Did I forget who Alex is?
  2. How did I miss my scheduled 1:1 with Alex? It was two weeks ago?!
  3. Are there other calendar invites I blithely accepted and then blew off so now I’m one of those bad people who do that?
  1. Phew! I didn’t miss a client 1:1!
  2. I’m flattered to be handpicked for anything, and by name, and that my response is valuable, and to be regarded as “extremely informed” which in spite of any data and algorithms, people who know me would heartily dispute.
  3. I’m not from Cedar Rapids, but I hear it’s not so bad.
  4. I feel honored but a little anxious that the fate of our Republic rests on my particular data.
  5. I hope they do find three people from Cedar Rapids to respond.

Your mother is dying.

Your MRI results are in. We need to discuss.

Your employment termination notice.

Please, honey, I promise to be better, could we work it out and get back together?

You up?



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