President Clinton’s disastrous start

Why are the liberals still with Her?

Jeffrey Denny

The question of impeachment is not if, but when.

It will take time for Congress to wrap up the 137 investigations of President Hillary Rodham Clinton and her administration that are already underway — too many onions to peel — but lawmakers are under extreme pressure.

Donald Trump’s populist wave of real Americans is still outraged that Clinton stole the presidency after she lost the popular vote by 3 million — more if you count her massive voter fraud — and conspired with the corrupt Electoral College elites to seize power and let a thousand socialist flowers bloom in our country.

Lying Crooked Hillary can claim her inauguration crowd was “significantly more considerable when you analyze the data” than the next-day pro-Trump rally on the Washington Mall. Even though the beautiful pictures that Trump tweeted of his huge crowds prove she’s wrong. Unlike Her, Photoshop doesn’t lie.

Either way, the Orange Hair Hat protesters who amassed in Washington to challenge Her coronation are not going away quietly. Orange lives matter. We’re only beginning to gather our pitchforks and torches. We’ve got the entire Fox network and alt-right media behind us, plus a lot of alternative facts. You think Obama supporters were fired up and ready to go? Hannity, Bannon, Conway & Co. are just resharpening their teeth. As Bachman Turner Overdrive says, “B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet.”

Even if the Clintonistas say we Trumpsters should get over it, stop being sore losers, set aside our differences, pursue solidarity, and unite behind Her for the good of the country, even if the Clinton elites put us down with their French sayings like “e pluribus unum,” we will never “pluribus” our “unums,” shut up and be shut down. Especially now, since we were right from the start that Clinton would make America worse again. We just underestimated how quickly it would happen.

Her “presidency” has been a daily disaster, one major scandal or screw-up after another, starting with her inaugural address, which she clearly plagiarized. Her line, “Come together, right now, over me” sounds vaguely familiar, so we thank House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz for extending and expanding his Benghazi investigations while also looking into Clinton’s Russian connections and their cyber-attacks and corruption of the election on her behalf. We know the Russian hack of the Democrats is just another Clinton false flag.

(Sorry, Congressman Chaffetz— you have a lot on your plate and we understand: You don’t really want to get too sideways with this president. She’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch. But respectfully, we’re also still waiting to know the truth about Vince Foster, Whitewater, the Clinton Foundation, the pantsuits, the hairdressers and those damned emails.)

Now, on top of all that, we need to deal with how “President” Clinton and her racially, ethnically and sexually diverse White House staff of nasty women; trans-genders, transsexuals, cissexuals, cisgenders; globalists; beard-scratching academics; bad-breath policy wonks, Brookings conference bloviators and clueless think tank intellectuals; earnest Seven Sisters snowflakes; and a few token emasculated white men who get it, have — in spite of all their combined talent — somehow already failed to bring mayhem to Her administration.

Let’s recap so far.

National security: Clinton completely failed to impose a confusing Muslim immigration ban written in crayon by her most paranoid white nationalist staffer, so the terrorists keep pouring in. You can tell from their robes or outdated designer jeans, keffiyeh head scarfs, luxuriant beards, hand-woven prayer rugs and purchase of pita chips and hummus at the airport kiosks. (See something, say something!)

Clinton also failed to smear Republican-appointed federal judges who challenged her executive order, and failed to direct her key policy adviser to declare that the powers of the president “will not be questioned.” Obviously, Clinton has failed to forget the Nixon constitutional crisis — after all, it was over 40 years ago — or high school civics that even Betsy DeVos knows.

Clinton also failed to bromance Putin and let the Russians elect Trump, the real Manchurian Candidate they wanted. She definitely failed to insult the leader of Mexico for refusing to pay for a wall between our nations or the Australian prime minister who — with that fake Crocodile Dundee accent and toilets flushing the wrong way — definitely has it coming.

Worst of all, Clinton has failed to touch off a major early White House crisis because she neglected to pick a whack-job for national security adviser, who by the way is the person who helps the president keep our nation safe by bringing together what the CIA, Pentagon and Homeland Security think we should do if and when the country is in danger.

Can anyone tell me why Clinton didn’t pick the best national security adviser like, say, Michael Flynn, who called Islamism a “vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people” that has to be “excised”? Or at least someone who illegally engaged the Russians before the election, lied about it, opened himself to blackmail — endangering national security — and let the Vice President of the United States reinforce the lie in public and then learn the truth by picking up the Washington Post? Maybe Chaffetz can find out.

Not to nitpick, but Clinton also failed to breach national security procedures and protocol by handling a national security crisis — a North Korean missile launch — on a laptop at a state dinner with the Japanese prime minister in front of guests and waiters at her $300 million Palm Beach compound getaway, which the Clintons don’t have among the many lavish homes they don’t have. She doesn’t even hole up or hold court at the Clinton Tower on 5th Ave. in Manhattan. There is no Clinton Tower. Losers!

Ethics: Don’t get me started! Clinton has still not disclosed her tax returns and financial holdings. (Wait — she did? Back in August? Who knew? I watch Fox. I thought it was just another Hillary scandal. But we definitely know she’s still hiding something. I watch Fox.)

She claims she has no ties with the Clinton Foundation, but her lips are moving, and we know what that means. Thank God for Breitbart, Daily Caller, Infowars and other fact-based media and investigative journalism on our Facebook feedback loops that have the courage to dig and uncover the real truth. Unlike the pro-Clinton lame-stream media fake news from the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and New York Times that reported on Her email. (Another false flag.)

We know Hill and Bill are still funneling millions off their foundation slush fund to offshore accounts in Chappaqua by handing off the Ponzi scheme to Chelsea. And we know Chelsea continues to cash in on the Clinton name to expand the global family empire while spending taxpayer dollars traveling to manage it, and also ripping off contractors.

To her credit, Clinton “counseled” her communications director for breaking ethics rules by hawking Chelsea’s line of African native-crafted jewelry on QVC. But you can’t fool us. Hillary is just pimping Chelsea’s tooth-and-bead necklaces because they’re not selling.

It would be different under a Trump presidency. If a major retailer needed to stop carrying Ivanka’s products because they were collecting dust and inventory losses, we’d know it was another liberal conspiracy. The Trumps are smart business people. The Clintons are just plain greedy.

Public policy: We knew it! Hillary was in the pocket of Wall Street billionaires all along. She appointed Goldman Sachs execs to run the economy. Foxes in the henhouse! She also appointed a bunch of people who know nothing about the agencies they’re supposed to run. Her choices to head our education, housing and labor departments don’t know much about schools, homes or workers, but Hillary claims they’re terrific and the smartest, and they supported her, so she muscled Congress to confirm them. (As Vince Foster learned, you don’t cross Hillary.) The result is more of the same Washington swamp.

Worst of all, Clinton promised to make our healthcare better — BUT SHE DOESN’T HAVE A NEW HEALTHCARE PLAN! Hey! Hillary! You’re the president now! We got some sick people out here in your flyover country. Whatcha gonna do?

We’ve lost count of Clinton’s campaign promises she’s discarded or denied. And she clearly doesn’t have a clue how to be president. She won’t send impulse tweets at 3 am that sound drunk but aren’t but are worse because they’re not drunk tweets. She won’t take Saturday Night Live parodies personally and attack Kate McKinnon. She won’t send out her poor flacks to take a hailstorm of flak, spin like an Iranian nuclear centrifuge, deflect, and even lie. She refuses to undermine public confidence in the White House with staff disarray, or dishonor the presidency by disrespecting the office.

This country desperately needs an authoritarian thin-skinned narcissist with a weak filter. So far, Clinton is not up to the job. And let me ask: What kind of President of the United States runs a massive child sex slave operation out of a little ping-pong pizza parlor? (She does.) Sad.

Liberals say, no fair! Give Her a chance! It’s only been a month! While they also continue to shove their illegitimate victory in our faces, defend everything she does, and demonize conservatives. Intolerant liberals also slam our protesters for expressing our God-given rights under the Constitution to hold Clinton accountable, assemble and speak our minds.

Hey, libtards: Look it up. First Amendment. Which is next to our right to speak with a bullet with conceal-carry whatever and wherever we want, even in movie theaters, schools, town hall meetings, political rallies and especially bars in case we get riled. And we know 45 is just waiting to take my .45, like Obama tried to do. But not if we exercise and defend our rights and duties as citizens and stand up to Her.

The liberals might not care, but we patriots are simply worried about our country. During the campaign, when we screamed “lock her up!” at Trump rallies, ok, to be honest, we were kind of acting out. It was exciting and fun. Now it turns out, unlike the elites, we were right.

A month into “President” Clinton, we already know what to do. Before she makes America even worse, it’s time to take action. Let’s git’r done. Lock her up. Next, we need to look at Tim Kaine. There’s gotta be something there.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington communications professional and writer

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