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Question for Trump women: Why?

Jeffrey Denny

No question about it: Men are idiots — drooling, knuckle-dragging, disgusting cretins who don’t use anti-aging skin-care products.

Even the “good ones” are somewhat clueless sometimes, or most of the time, or all the time. Am I right, people?

Men think, say and do stupid things every day. When challenged about a stupid thing they did, men: a) ignore or forget it; b) deny it; c) rationalize it; d) blame others; e) watch anything on ESPN for hours and doze beerily; or e) any or all of the above; whatever works.

It’s ok to call men idiots. Or stereotype men in mean or hilarious ways. The PC Police will not shame you, ban you from speaking at Berkeley, or dis-invite you from the late-night talk show circuit. Stereotyping or insulting women is never ok.

But men have no right to whine. We need to grow a pair and pull up our big boy pants, even if that hurts the pair we’ve grown.

Unfair? Nope. Men have pretty much subjugated and mistreated women for about 200,000 years since the modern form of human evolved. Many men are still behind. Time’s up.

As it turns out, men are not as great as men thought.

Google “women are better than men” and see the research:

· Women are better doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, managers and leaders.

· Women are stronger, tougher, perform better under pressure and survive crises better.

· Women are better at “adulting” and multitasking. They’re nicer, more nurturing and better at work-life balance.

· Women have better digital skills, and are better at crowdfunding and other money-raising for tech startups.

· Women politicians work harder and represent their constituents better.

· Women have a higher IQs — intellectual and emotional — and they’re much better at reading thoughts and emotions.

· Women remember things better, as every idiot man is reminded almost every day.

Suffice that studies show women absolutely are the best people. I was told to agree.

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So what’s up with women supporting Trump?

Or Republican women who accept Trump? Aren’t they — to borrow from Presidents Bush father and son — kinder, gentler and more likely to be compassionate conservatives? Trump clearly is none of those things, and yet many preferred him over Hillary.

In the 2016 election, 46 percent of women voted for Trump. A full 64 percent of non-college white women voted for Trump.

Trump is president because of women.

I get why men support Trump.

Aside from being idiots, men have less at stake than women.

Also, men are selfish, so we’re less likely to stand up for women or even notice when they’re threatened.

So we’re also more likely to hoot “Lock her up!” at Trump rallies. It’s a fun way not only to hate the smarter woman who beat the dumber guy in the popular vote, but also to vent against all women who challenge the patriarchy that the biggest losers among men pathetically cling to.

But for women who love Trump, accept him, or don’t speak out against him, help me out with five questions:

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1.If it’s about Hillary, then why do you still despise her so much?

Spoiler alert: She’s gone. Put a fork in Her — she’s done.

So unless you’re worried she still has juice, let go. It’s time. If you’re still obsessing about Her, then congrats: You’ve completely run out of things to obsess about.

2. If it’s about “the liberals,” then why do you hate liberals so much?

Liberals are powerless and control nothing. Not the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court or Washington in general. Not state governments. Not even the media anymore. See #3.

3. If it’s about the mainstream media, why hate the media?

Is it because you rely on Fox, only believe Fox because it succors your beliefs, and Fox relentlessly attacks the mainstream media? Or because as a critical thinker you read The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other topnotch professional journalism and find it sorely lacking?

If you have strong feelings about current issues, then I respect what must be your deep knowledge and understanding of those issues — not what Fox says.

Keep in mind: Fox is a business. It’s a multi-billion dollar corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s also now America’s #1 most-watched cable network. So Fox IS the mainstream media now.

Fox attacking the mainstream media is like Coke claiming Pepsi contains rats. With Fox polishing Trump’s wingtips, it’s not far from Kim Jong-un’s North Korean state media telling you his nuclear missile program is gone. If Fox is who you trust,then why? You’re smart — don’t you see you’re being suckered for money?

Also keep in mind that the journalists and staff killed in Annapolis are the mainstream media. The mainstream media is what covers local, state and national news and keeps us informed as news happens, wherever it happens, come hell or high water — literally, when hurricanes hit.

Real journalists — not Fox Trump bloviators — work for very little money, but with the passion and mission to keep us informed, with a lot of editors beating up every word they write.

I know a bit. I started at local newspapers. Editors are the worst critics and beat the crap out of writers to get it right. So journalists do anything they can to get it right.

The mainstream media dogs and breaks stories that hold politicians accountable, save lives, and drive changes we all want. Google “Pulitzer winners” for the best tips of a big iceberg you may not know or see.

And if you hate Hillary, it’s probably because of investigative reporting on her emails and other supposed high crimes by … who? Not Fox. Fox yappers don’t do any real reporting. It’s The New York Times and Washington Post. So maybe you trust the mainstream media only when, like Fox, it feeds your beliefs?

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4. You care about family and kids, right?

Then why do you applaud or accept Trump’s destruction of the Affordable Care Act, cuts to the Children’s Health Insurance Program and slashes to Medicaid coverage for the poorest families? Don’t you want families and kids to be healthy?

Is it because Trump and Fox taught you to hate government and the so-called lazy grasping poor minorities? Even though many Trump red and white districts depend more on government — and receive way more than they pay to government — than black and blue districts?

If you love family and children, then why do you cheer at splitting families and jailing children when they come to America seeking asylum — which is perfectly legal, so in fact they’re not “criminals”?

Why do you jeer at “the liberals” who, like Laura Bush and most decent Republicans, the Pope, and every other human with a heart, are disgusted by the “zero tolerance” policy? Why not support reasonable bipartisan solutions to immigration issues that many Republicans have been trying to adopt? What’s with the special hate for brown families and children?

Let’s not even get into the gun thing. If you can’t connect the dots between militant gun rights and kids slaughtered in schools, then “bless your heart” as they say in the South.

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5. You hate government meddling in your private life, right?

Trump ran on hating government. Many voters — women and men — voted for Trump because he hates government.

So help me understand, Trump women: Why are you ok with Trump filling the Supreme Court seat with someone who might overturn Roe v. Wade?

Please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence that Trump “probably won’t ask” potential SCOTUS nominees about Roe.

The Christian right — the core of Trump’s core — is enslaved by Trump, automatically forgives every Trump sin every day, relinquishes everything Jesus represented to back Trump, and has sold its soul to overturn Roe. Roe is on the table, ready to be slaughtered, roasted, carved up and served like the sacrificial lamb at the Last Supper table.

Open the Roe door and you bring in all kinds of government intrusions into privacy. You want that? Why?

Tell me please, why Trump?

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer