Laura Ingraham: The horrible America-hating Democrat Socialist liberals care more about the suffering of foreign Ukrainians than American pain at the gas pump.

Republicans: Quit gassing about gas prices

Only Fox frauds and fools blame Biden

Jeffrey Denny

Five bucks for a gallon of gas is outrageous!

That’s what a pint of local IPA costs!

Yes, I feel terrible for struggling Americans who need to drive for work and life and can least afford paying more to tank up. It’s a gas tax on the poorest.

I also snort at the bike, transit and walk zealots who sniff at people who drive and believe everyone should be virtuous like them to save our dying planet, like postal carriers braving snow, rain and gloom of night. Until the anti-car zealots get smacked by reality such as having kids to cart around, or aging, or not affording utopian urban gentrified walkable communities like in Europe.

I laugh mostly at the thick- or bull-headedness of dummkopfs who parrot Fox News and pretenders, Dante’s infernal right-wing talk radio, internet and social media Circle of Hell, and craven Republican politicians who deliberately ignore obvious, proven reality to blame President Joe Biden for the high gas prices.

It’s Russia’s war to conquer Ukraine, stupid. Which constrains supply amid surging demand as oil producers struggle to boost drilling but can’t get the materials and workers.

Biden is doing everything in the president’s power, like releasing strategic reserves, pressuring Big Oil to boost production, and asking Congress for a gas tax summer holiday. Any politician who says Biden controls gas prices is a shameless liar suckering fools. In America, the president is not an oil dictator like in Venezuela.

Some blame Big Oil for greedy gouging.

But that’s just negative thinking. The windfall profits help the oil industry continue to invest in Republican politicians and generously sponsor greenwashing ads on Fox News, which pays its method actors millions to blame Biden for gas prices with a straight face and fake outrage.

Frankly, why the hell would oil companies bow to Biden and expand supplies? Right now they get paid more to do less. Who wouldn’t take that deal?

As for “greed,” well, we can’t demand the highest performance from our stocks or retirement accounts — and complain when they fall — if we can’t accept the downsides of a free market such as the law of supply and demand. And isn’t demanding cheap gas while Ukraine suffers a little, um, “greedy”?

We’re also collectively at fault for the $5 gallon.

We’re driving up gas prices by guzzling tighter supplies as we spend our pandemic savings and federal stimulus to relieve pent-up desire to travel.

That’s what puzzles me. If gas prices are so outrageous, then why were the roads jammed for Memorial Day and Father’s Day/Juneteenth holiday weekends? Yes, many wallet-slammed Americans are cutting back on driving, but the holiday traffic still surged. And it was voluntary.

Could this “gas crisis” be a wee bit hyped?

You know, for cynical partisan political purposes?

If so, then let’s get political.

President George W. Bush — a Texas oilman no less — oversaw one of the highest gas prices in the last 20 years — an average of $4.52/gallon in 2008. (His energy secretary blamed insufficient supply to meet growing demand.)

Bush gas cost more than Biden’s $4.27/gallon average so far this year.

Next let’s look at fuel economy.

During the 1979–80 gas crisis caused by the Mideast oil embargo — again, demand surpassing supply — prices hit $4.51/gallon and drivers fumed in long lines at the pump.

But back then, the average fuel economy was only 13 miles per gallon.

Now it’s 27 mpg.

Why? Because Democrats fought to increase fuel economy standards to free America from foreign energy dependence and reduce air pollution.

Detroit got religion as Americans snapped up the VW Bug and Japanese “econocars.” Under Obama, Detroit actually joined with environmentalists, workers and consumers to support raising mpg requirements.

Who fought this all along? That’s right: The Republicans.

Most recently, in 2020 Trump rolled back the Obama fuel-efficiency increases. He claimed it was to reduce consumer costs. It was his typical brilliant Orwellian spin that only the ignorant would buy, like “ignorance is strength.”

I’m not crazy about $5/gallon gas.

Especially how it hurts people with budgets so tight they have to choose between gas and groceries.

I’m lucky — I don’t have to drive to work or cart kids around. I can bike, walk or take transit for my needs if I want. I don’t smugly expect others to have my luxury.

But let’s have some context:

The difference between Biden’s $5/gallon gas and Trump’s $3/gallon gas in 2018 comes to $28 for the average 14-gallon tank. That’s $4 a day, assuming a tank a week, which at 27 mpg takes you 378 miles. (More than the average driver’s 280 miles per week.)

So this outrageous Biden surge in gas prices costs less per day than a $4.65 Starbucks Venti Caffe Mocha. Or a Big Mac Meal ($5.99). Or a six pack of Miller Lite ($6.49). Or the average $7.20 daily cable bill to watch Fox News.

An extra $1,400 a year for gas surely is not peanuts for the median U.S. household income of $67,000 and it’s downright painful for wage workers who need to drive.

But any comfortable Republican making over $100,000 a year, driving a 19 mpg Ford F-150 pickup to the Kroger’s, and sneering along with Fox News about Biden’s $5 gas crisis might welcome a reminder:

Ignorance is not really strength. Orwell was being satirical.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.