New York Times, “The 147 Republicans Who Voted to Overturn Election Results”

Shame and shun the Trump Treason Caucus

Four ways to cancel the traitors

Republican J6 insurrection deniers, deflectors and defenders were right from the start:

The hearings of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol are “All. Old. News.” As House “Judiciary” Committee Republicans tweeted before the first hearing began.

The proceedings, while riveting and devastating with slam-dunk proof, are old news in the sense that even squirrels already knew the truth: That President Donald Trump and his craven, conniving cabal of co-conspiring, criminal and complicit Republicans are … what’s the right word? … traitors.

If we’re not treating Trump & Co. like fragile snowflakes, being overly sensitive to their feelings and avoiding their trigger words, then what else should we call them?

They incited a violent coup, potentially armed. They tried to cancel our vote and overthrow our duly elected government, and even order our military to seize ballot boxes, all like Socialist dictators do.

In other words, they spit on our flag, shat on our Constitution, and disgraced the Bible upon which they swore to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

Thanks to the J6 hearings, we have all the great and gory proof anyone who cares about America and our democracy and rule of law needs.

What can decent Americans do?

Don’t bother arguing with Trump Republicans and their die-hard supporters.

They’re a lost cause, too far gone, the proverbial pig that loves fighting dirty.

Conservative Peter Wehner writes in The Atlantic:

For some right-wing zealots, who have an enormous stake in keeping the Big Lie alive, the reflex is to attack the [J6] committee as “crazed and media-enabled” and “abusing Constitutional rights.”

For those somewhat less delirious, the reaction is to mock and dismiss committee members, most especially Representative Liz Cheney.

Still others have avoided watching the January 6 hearings. They have other, more important things to do, as one person put it to me. Hear no evil, see no evil.

Almost all of Trump’s supporters want to cast their gaze elsewhere — on some other issue, on some other hearing, on some other controversy. They’ll do anything to keep from having to confront the reality of what happened on January 6.

What you’re very unlikely to see, except in the rarest of cases, is genuine self-reflection or soul-searching, regret or remorse, feelings of embarrassment and shame.

Should real Americans give up?

Not if we love America.

Let’s start by canceling the Trump Treason Caucus, the 147 members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 electoral vote count.

Many still won’t concede Trump lost.

They all know better. They’re just using their poor MAGA saps to stay in power.

They’re all educated elites, except for the deliciously stupid ones.

Many are wealthy. All have salaries over twice the U.S. median household income.

And they’re all directly or indirectly responsible for the J6 insurrection. And feeding more hate, resentment, division and possibly more righteous and deadly violence. While enjoying Secret Service and Capitol Police protection.

What can we do to cancel the Trump Treason Caucus?

Four simple actions:

1. Call them out.

Buy a $25 ticket to their reelection fundraising events.

During open mike, ask, “Why did you try to overthrow our government?”

Or get a bunch of friends to buy tickets and chant “traitor!” like Trump supporters did at Mitt Romney for voting his conscience and the Constitution to certify the 2020 election results.

Make sure to video and post when Treason Caucus staff and supporters attack you for speaking your mind.

2. Throw them out.

Yeah, wishful thinking given their overstuffed campaign coffers, vote suppression, natural incumbent advantages, and GOP gerrymandered safe seats.

The Treason Caucus also cynically incites big MAGA turnout to vote their hate against their fellow Americans. They know hate beats hope.

But unlike actual rhinos, RINOs still exist in huge numbers, even in rigged Republican districts.

That’s why Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens paid millions to put out his “get a RINO hunting permit” primary campaign ad.

He was being “humorous.” But he’s afraid that decent Republicans will toss him like actual rhinos do with safari tourists.

RINOs: You may be rare like real rhinos. But please turn out like never before. Same with you, remaining Democrats in your districts.

3. Cut them off.

After pausing under intense public and political pressure, corporations and industry groups resumed giving tens of millions of shareholder dollars to Treason Caucus reelection campaigns. Essentially rewarding and paying the caucus to treason even more.

Message to CEOs: Stop.

Otherwise, all your Corporate Social Responsibility pledges, branding and ads are just purpose-washing, feeding your critics. Supporting treason is not socially responsible.

4. Shun them.

At some point, Treason Caucus members and top aides will leave Congress. Many will swing the revolving door for a lobbyist gig with 5–10 times the pay to “leverage” their Capitol Hill connections.

Message to Corporate America and their HR recruiters: Don’t hire a Treason Caucus member or top aide.

If they’re willing to ignore proven facts, spread lies, sucker fools, and betray their country for power, how can you trust them?

If you need a Republican, hire one of the decent ones who refused to goosestep for Trump. As countless LinkedIn posts say, values and integrity matter.

Let’s go after the real enemy of the people.

While we’re busy canceling comedians for saying the wrong thing, could we direct some of that high dudgeon, angry energy and activism to cancel the #TrumpTraitors?

Especially since they’re the same caucus that’s canceling our speech, voting, reproductive and other rights?

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.