President Trump at Southaven, Miss., rally, Oct., 2, 2018, photo

Ten reasons to vote Trump on Nov. 6

Defeat the Democrat liberal impeaching mob!

Jeffrey Denny

“I’m not on the ballot,” Trump conceded to the crowd in Southaven, Miss. “But in a certain way, I’m on the ballot. So, please go out and vote.” — “Trump’s midterm pitch: Vote for me,” Politico, Oct. 10, 2018

As the midterm elections approach, we the real American people need to fight the angry liberal America-hating Democrat Blue Wave that threatens Trump’s amazing presidency that is already Making America Great Again.

America and our very freedom is in mortal danger.

We can’t lose and give the U.S. House of Representatives back to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, other militant women and minorities who hate old country-club white men, the #MeToo radical feminists that threaten our innocent young men who might grope or rape, and the Bernie barista tatted rasta-haired socialists who think expanding their parents’ Medicare to everyone is an idea at least worth considering.

Here are just 10 reasons we need to vote Republican and support Trump on Tuesday, Nov. 6:

1.Fight the “enemy of the people” media

We love when Trump attacks CNN and the mainstream media. And when patriotic terrorists mail CNN a pipe bomb, we cheer when Trump and his people blame CNN. “Fake news, fake bombs!” as Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs courageously tweeted then pulled down.

We also cheer when our Trump “patriot of the people” Fox and right-wing media blame Hillary and other Democrat targets when they receive pipe bombs. We agree — it’s definitely a “false flag” liberal plot even before the FBI begins its investigation. The “facts” won’t prove anything.

Forgive us, elitist liberals, if we’re not as well informed as you think you are regarding the “facts” as reported by “journalism” in the Trump-hating mainstream media. We don’t believe any media that doesn’t feed our beliefs.

2.Fight the liberals

They’re too stupid to be schooled by us. But we’re frightened by the angry liberal mobs spreading hate and violence across the country. We prefer the angry Trump mobs spreading hate and violence across the country.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter bad; Proud Boys and Nazi skinheads good.

3. Protect America’s healthcare

Like most Americans and humans, we have preexisting health conditions. We know Trump is going to protect our insurance for preexisting conditions— even give us better coverage — without raising rates and out-of-pocket costs. Even while Trump is killing that terrible Obamacare and raising rates and out-of-pocket costs for millions of Americans.

We haven’t seen this amazing Trumpcare plan yet, but we know he’s got the best one up his sleeve. Trump is a smart billionaire businessman. He’s different from the stupider poorer billionaires who believe in the basic laws of economics and realities of the healthcare markets.

Trump also is going to protect Medicare and Medicaid from Mitch McConnell’s cuts to reduce the federal deficit that Trump boosted for his big tax cut that will trickle down to help everyone pay for healthcare. Every drop counts. Yay!

4. Protect America’s economy

As Republicans, we used to hate federal budget deficits that irresponsible Democrats piled up to pay for their liberal government giveaways to lazy welfare minorities and illegal immigrants. But we’re fine that Trump increased the deficit by 17 percent, or $113 billion, over the past year to pay for his big tax cut that didn’t help most of us.

Trump is a smart businessman who knows that going deep in the red and loading up with expensive debt, financed by foreign governments, is smart business that never causes bankruptcy.

5. Cut America’s taxes

We all enjoyed the major bump we didn’t see in our paychecks because of the big Trump tax cut. Not like the major CEO bump they did get, but then most of us are not CEOs.

Bonus: Trump is going to cut our taxes another 10 percent by sending a bill to Congress when it’s not even in session and can take any action on it! Trump breaks the rules to get impossible things done.

6. Create more American jobs

Trump has brought back 0.002 million coal jobs while he’s also creating other awful hardworking-people jobs with his trade wars that are not increasing tariffs, the cost of desperately needed imported goods and lost jobs as a result.

7. Boost the stock market

We love how Trump has enriched our stock portfolios and retirement savings over the past year.

For a bit we were much richer and could retire earlier because of Trump.

But we’re not concerned the October market plunge — driven partly by fears over the Trump trade war — has wiped out our gains. Trump is a smart billionaire who knows what he’s doing, which is how he got rich, so he’ll make us whole someday like he did not with his investors.

8. Stop the witch hunt

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already issued more than 100 criminal counts against 32 people and three companies, and two others have pleaded guilty. What more does he want?!

This ridiculous sham “investigation” wasting taxpayer dollars into whether the Russians stole the 2016 presidential election and installed a Manchurian Candidate to divide and undermine America and democracy must end immediately. Before more former Trump loyalists canary-sing and the document and money trail leads directly to Trump and shows how the Putin Russian oligarchs that financed his bad deals own him.

We know if the angry liberal Democrat mob takes over the House, it will impeach Trump. Even though the GOP Senate will ignore it, we can’t let the liberals win anything. Liberals are smug bad winners because they rarely win.

9. Drain the swamp

No, not Trump’s scandal-ridden cabinet or the special interest lobbyists who buy the Trump-fearing Republican politicians we like.

We mean it’s time to eradicate the Democrat liberals once and for all — in the executive branch government, in Congress, and on the Supreme Court. (#TimesUp, RBG!) Maybe even off the face of the earth except in jail without due process like Hillary and the illegal immigrants the liberals love and let illegally vote for them belong.

We don’t need the political checks and balances our Founding Fathers made a cornerstone of American democracy. We love to play the victim of Hillary, Maxine, the mainstream media, late-night comedians, Hollywood, George Soros and other un-powerful liberals, even though we’re in complete control of federal and state government and as such we now run America.

With Fox, we even have our own Fourth Estate and Trump government media mouthpiece, the #1 cable news network for 200 months running.

That’s not enough. We need complete one-party control of the country and eradication of the independent media that challenges the Trump powers that be.

This model works pretty well in Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other dictatorships; why not here?

10.Make America proud again

We love it when the President of the United States and Commander in Chief deliberately lies, promises impossible things, insults people who dare to question him, whips up our anger and hate, demonizes brown immigrants, dog-whistles white supremacists, denigrates our loyal global allies and destroys our influence in the world, and drives a wedge in the country to feed his ego, incite his base, and amass power.

Maybe we don’t always care for Trump’s tweets. But like Trump told the world at the United Nations, in less than two years, he’s accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of America. That would be more than Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln or FDR, and even more than Reagan.

Trump said that under him, we might get tired of winning. We’re not! Not yet! Bring on more winning!

So we all should vote Trump on Tuesday, Nov. 6 , by voting Republican.

Whoever our Republican incumbents or challengers might be, whatever they stand for, whatever their records, or however they’ll represent us in Washington. Even if they’re Roy Moore pedophiles or #MeToo abusers, just hold your nose, look away, and vote straight Republican.

If we want to make American great again, vote straight-ticket Republican and leave the rest to Trump.

#MAGA! And stop the illegal ISIS immigrant caravan that’s invading America!

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.