Ten signs of onset Raceoporosis

Diagnosing the racist bone in our body

Jeffrey Denny

“It’s not that [Joe Rogan] spewed racism … it’s that there is an audience of millions of listeners who can’t wait to lap that stuff up.” –columnist Eugene Robinson

“I don’t have a Racist bone in my body!” –former President Donald Trump

Nobody wants to be called racist.

It’s fair to assume that fans of $100 million Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan hate the r-word even more than the n-word. Just because Rogan has incessantly blurted the n-word like a r-word Tourette’s sufferer, it doesn’t mean he or his listeners are r-words. How dare you imply.

But America has really gone total Socialist Fascist Authoritarian Totalitarian when you can’t express your r-wordism without the Liberal Snowflake Vigilante Thought Militia bursting through your door with a no-knock warrant to cancel you, shaming first and asking questions later.

Against your First Amendment rights, you can’t chant r-word slogans at neo-Nazi rallies or deliver keynotes at White Supremacist conferences — even if you’re a U.S. Congresswoman! You can’t make r-word comments on social media or any media except Gab, Rumble, Telegram and other antisocial media. You can’t make r-word jokes even if you’re only joking — you can’t even laugh at r-word jokes.

And what’s this country coming to if you can’t beat U.S. Capitol Police with a Confederate flag pole during a violent riot to overthrow our government?

It’s not fair. R-words are people too. The libs keep harping on their identity — why can’t r-words express theirs?

Anyway, for anyone who worries they might have even the tiniest r-word bone in their body, here’s a quick, simple test:

1. Do you love Joe Rogan?

So much that you’re willing to overlook his n-words and/or accuse the cancelers of taking his n-words out of context?

2. Do you believe affirmative action is reverse racism?

No matter how it’s done?

Are you smarter than our leading institutions trying to break through structural r-wordism lest they remain lily White and dying like old decaying European royal dynasties?

3. Do you think diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility is total liberal virtue-washing BS?

Are you smarter than nearly every leading company and organization making DEIA commitments to find, reach, acquire and serve a rapidly diversifying nation and market of customers and talent — and it’s the right thing to do?

4. Have you ever said All Lives Matter?

Or Blue Lives Matter, even after Trump rioters attacked Blue Lives?

5. Have you ever believed and spread the false conspiracy theory that BLM and Antifa fomented the Trump J6 White riot?

If so, are you stupid, insane in the membrane, or just a twisted, pathetic, miserable human being?

6. Have you ever believed and spread fake news that BLM and Antifa are burning down our cities?

Do you believe and re-bleat everything Fox News and pretenders feed you for ratings and ad money?

7. Have you ever believed and spread fake news that majority Black cities led by Black mayors are deadly war zones?

If so, are you aware that your precious gun rights are flooding cities with cheap guns?

Also, are you aware that the 14 states with the highest death rates were all run by Republican governors, as Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank noted? And White-run, White communities have been hit hardest by opioid addiction and deaths?

8. Do you agree with Tucker Carlson that the first Black woman U.S. Supreme Court nominee needs to show her law school admission test scores to determine her qualifications?

If so, please explain why her and not the last three Trump nominees Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

9. Do you believe slavery was a long time ago, it has nothing to do with me, let it go already?

While you grump that taking down Confederate flags, statues, and names from schools and streets that honor treasonous “heroes” who fought for slavery is erasing America’s proud heritage?

10. Do you reject Critical Race Theory without a clue what it means except for what your politicians and media tell you?

Does this make you want to ban teaching real American history? Or have you raised your kids to be so snowflake they can’t handle the truth?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I suggest seeing a moral osteopath. Before your diseased r-word bones spread into full Raceoporosis and you collapse into a sad sack of hate.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.