Biden White House staff handling classified document mishandling

Trump-Biden classified DocuGate Docudrama scandal keeps unfolding

Warning: Don’t read without proper clearance

Jeffrey Denny
2 min readJan 24


Jeffrey Denny

The ongoing presidential classified document scandal is like an onion:

The more you peel it, the better for making soupe à l’oignon.

So don’t be surprised by any new explosive findings:

· After defending or dismissing Trump’s mishandling of classified documents, shocked-shocked Fox News finally drew the line at Biden’s.

· While the Deep State obviously installed Biden, it had no choice but to go after him for CYA purposes. Want proof? Sorry, those documents are classified by the Deep State.

· Wives all over America are saying to husbands, “See what happens when you don’t clean out the garage like I kept asking?”

· Newly appointed Republican chairmen and members of the House intelligence, defense, and investigations committees are sweating bullets over if they ever mishandled classified documents. Like printing them out at home during Covid.

· George Santos is sweating bullets that he mishandled top-secret papers while serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

· Hoarders are sweating bullets that among the piles of piles they got from the internet, yard sales, and Craigslist, there might be a classified document or two. Especially if a visiting QAnon cousin who printed off Dark Web’s “Ten Tips for Effective Insurrections” left a few pages. Any minute now, jackbooted government thugs in bucket helmets might rappel down from black helicopters, ransack their homes, and frog walk them to jail like they tried with Trump.

· Climate activist Greta Thunberg allegedly printed out her alarmist, shaming screeds at her Deep State hideaway, threatening the earth’s tree cover and fueling the very climate change she’s fighting. Isn’t it ironic?

· Also ironic (don’t you think?) the liberal mainstream media not only lies about climate change to kill the job-creating, socially responsible fossil industry, it still prints “news” on tree-killing paper.

· The White House cafeteria has ceased classifying what’s for lunch on a need-to-know basis, such as wanting to know what’s for lunch.

· Social media MAGAs are in a confused uproar that Biden “classy-fied” documents by editing for elitist spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, logic and coherence.

This message has already self-destructed.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer. But that’s classified.



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