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Trump reelection talking points

Covid-19 attention “is an opportunity to really establish a narrative on Biden”

Jeffrey Denny

Have you ever wondered why pro-Trump social media posts, Fox News “personalities,” and the entire right-wing media machine suddenly start raising, in unison, exactly the same issues, at the same time, saying the same things?

No, of course not. Nobody’s fooled. Obviously, they’re bleating the same political strategy talking point messaging, while also claiming the Democrat liberals are sheep.

Yeah, I know, the Democrats put out talking points too. But right now, Trump Republicans are running America — from the White House to the Senate, the courts and most states. As Voltaire or Churchill or Peter Parker/Spiderman’s gentle Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility. Also great accountability.

Based on a reported Trump campaign call to surrogates and the Trump 2020 campaign messages — quoting them nearly verbatim — I imagine this kind of internal talking points memo exists somewhere:


To: Campaign surrogates and supporters

From: Trump 2020 Communications

Date: April 5, 2020

Subject: Redirecting the narrative

As you know, our poll numbers and approval ratings are falling in spite of the President’s brilliant and commanding leadership of America through the novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

We’re counting on all supporters, including our broadcast, internet and social media, to help us turn this around.

Unfortunately, the Democrat liberal mainstream media, which has hated the President from the start because he won’t kowtow to them, has been fed, repeats or invents all kinds of false and conflicting stories about his handling of the pandemic.

We must take back control of the narrative, and reinforce how President Trump has made America great — and will keep us great.

(See if you need the latest proof points.)

With most Americans quarantining at home, 84 percent of people are watching the President’s press conferences, and a large amount of people are watching news and your hits.

This is an opportunity to really establish a narrative on Biden. We need to “strike while the iron is hot” and capitalize on the attention. We need to really double down on Biden, and the contrast between how President Trump is handling this and how Biden is handling it.

We understand that the Democrat false narrative against the President is overwhelming because the liberals own the mainstream media, and many Americans believe whatever lies they tell. We know you are worried about making sure everyone thinks the President is doing a great job on this crisis.

So we urge everyone to avoid “fighting the rip current” by trying to defend the President’s handling of the pandemic. Instead, we need to shift the focus to the enemies of a strong America who are making the Covid-19 crisis worse by attacking our wartime president.

To make sure we’re creating a united front to take back our narrative, we recommend that everyone please use the following tested talking points. Some of these messages may work; others may not. The important thing is to keep pushing these points:

· President Trump is leading the nation in this war against the coronavirus, but Joe Biden, the Democrats and the media have decided to be the opposition in that war.

· In contrast with President’s effective leadership, Joe Biden has a poor record and his attacks are a futile quest for relevance.

· Sleepy Joe is confused, he keeps demonstrating he’s out to lunch and has no idea what’s going on, and he keeps lying about the President’s response to the coronavirus.

· The communist Chinese did this to America. Our President has been tough with China. He was joking when he praised President Xi as a “strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus,” and how “Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help!” (Like our President and Secretary of State Pompeo, always use “China virus” or “ Wuhan virus” instead of coronavirus.)

· The Democrat liberal fake news mainstream media is lying about the President’s effective leadership. (Note: While everyone depends on the media for news and information, everyone hates it, so this always works.)

· The spread of Covid-19, which began in China, came up while the President was tied down with the Democrat hoax impeachment trial. Now the Democrat weapon is to re-impeach the President over the coronavirus outbreak. This is just another Democrat power grab. They have no shame and like socialist dictators, they will stop at nothing to seize power.

· We all need to come together as a nation and rally around our wartime President. He’s doing everything possible to lead America through this crisis and get back on track. Attacking the President is not helping.

If you get any push-back on these messages, you can turn the tables on anyone who still questions our President’s leadership with these points:

· Democrats need to stop dividing our country by politicizing the pandemic.

· Democrats need to stop trying to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis, and using this as an opportunity to reinforce their Trump-hating narrative.

· Democrats need to stop being so angry, hateful and negative. Why can’t we all just be positive?

We appreciate everything you can do to help reelect the President and keep America great.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer

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