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Whatever happened to ‘compassionate conservatism’?

How did Republicans get so mean?

Jeffrey Denny

“It is snarky, sarcastic, mean-spirited, and remarkably disrespectful of Justices who spent decades on the Court.” –Fred Wertheimer on Justice Samuel Alito’s Dobbs v. Jackson opinion

Reagan sunnily declared it was “Morning in America.”

George H.W. Bush called for a “kinder, gentler nation.”

George W. Bush promised “compassionate conservativism” that cared for poor, marginalized and vulnerable Americans. He harkened to traditional Republican noblesse oblige and decent Christian values.

Then came Donald Trump: His campaign of hate demonizing his fellow Americans. His ugly “American carnage” inauguration speech. His calling violent neo-Nazi white supremacists “good people.” His venomous stream of sneering, bullying, childish taunts and insults against anyone who dared to question him, and even against his own loyal “best people.” His appeals to the worst angels of our nature, making America meaner.

This was the president of the United States.

Then, no surprise, Trump attacked anyone who refused to bow to his ridiculous Big Lie that he was robbed of reelection. Followed by his call to violence at the U.S. Capitol even against his own vice president. And against lawmakers and Blue Lives doing their jobs for the people. Trump wanted the despicable mob he incited to be armed.

And a majority of Republicans still support Trump. The violence was “legitimate political discourse,” the party said.

Then there’s the wave of sociopathic hate and death threats from Trump’s loyal base — domestic terrorists — against their innocent fellow Americans. With the coward’s courage of anonymity. Even against those who solemnly swore to uphold and defend the Constitution and tell the truth under oath at risk of jail if they lie.

But the Constitution only matters to MAGAs for gun freedom. Otherwise, Trump’s ugly hoards will come after you. It’s safe to say they vote Republican. And they own the party.

And now Republicans are coming after their fellow Americans after the Trump Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

It wasn’t enough for Trump’s kangaroos to allow government to invade our private lives.

It wasn’t enough that they straight-face lied to get confirmed or claimed our other privacies are safe. When their mouths are moving, beware.

And it wasn’t even enough to let government dictate reproduction like communist China does.

No, in their opinions, “Justices” Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas couldn’t resist the nasty impulse to twist the knife, pour salt in the bleeding wound, and reveal the rot in their souls.

Their opinions overturning Roe are downright rude. Judgmental, which is different from jurisprudence. Hostile. Churlish. Bullying. Vengeful. Sternly puritanical. Misogynist for sure, citing law from centuries ago when women were chattel, the property of men.

It sounds as if Alito and Thomas took “Supreme Court” a little too literally, like dictators do. And they enjoyed causing pain, which is called sadism. And not the fun kind like in Shades of Grey.

Try to find the kinder and gentler nation in their Dobbs v. Jackson opinions.

Their compassionate conservativism was reserved for the zygote, not for the pregnant even if by accident, rape or relative.

But there’s little compassion whatsoever — not even fake “thoughts and prayers” — for Americans who are harmed, alarmed and worried about Dobbs and the next attacks on our privacy freedom.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., believed that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

We hoped. But the moral universe was just bent over backwards by elite Republican politicians seeking complete control of government by cynically leveraging their poor dumb cousin MAGAs who believe justice is not for every American, just for them.

That includes the supreme rough justice to arm and shoot anyone as they see fit. Because the unborn have more right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness than the born who will get shot to death. Or ignored, abandoned or shunned by “pro-lifers.”

If I’m wrong, Republican voters, please seize the opportunity to prove it.

If you’re really pro-life, don’t waste your hard-earned money contributing to Republican election campaigns. Or God forbid, to Trump’s ongoing grubbing grift to enrich himself, regain power and smite his enemies.

Don’t just sit back in smug, Fox-drunk victory that you owned the libs. Put your money where your mouth is. Help the babies you demanded to be born.

“The pro-life movement can’t stop at the unborn,” an op-ed in the Washington Post says. “One upside of Dobbs is that it makes possible broad coalitions of people of goodwill who, despite their disagreement on the fundamental question of abortion, agree that we must all work to provide for the needs of mothers, children and families in crisis.”

I was raised by Republican parents.

Like Republicans back then, they stood for good, decent, God-fearing, Mike Pence-y Christian family values.

You remember: Love thy neighbor. Follow the golden rule. Turn the other cheek. Take the high road. Be nice. Respect others who are different. Be a good person. Don’t take pleasure in another’s pain. Ask WWJD and just do it.

At least Republicans said these things. Even if they didn’t always do these things. While judging others who failed their superior values.

The Trump MAGA GOP is driven by different values:

Winning is everything. Minority rules. Power is all that matters. To the victors go the spoils. Devil take the hindmost. Hate your neighbor if they disagree with you. Beat them. Own them. They’re the enemy. Compromise for the good of all is stupid.

(And please, MAGAs, don’t make us laugh by cherry-picking and whatabouting how the Democrat Socialist libs are worse. Not even close. Besides, it’s not a competition.)

You think it’s sunset in America now? Just wait until this fall when the Republicans re-take the House.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.