“Your body, my choice”

Jeffrey Denny

“You can imagine a future in which anti-abortion laws are permanently linked to a punitive and stingy politics, in which women in difficulties can face police scrutiny for a suspicious miscarriage but receive little in the way of prenatal guidance or postnatal support.” — conservative columnist Ross Douthat

So, you’re celebrating the overturn of Roe v. Wade?

You’re crying tears of joy when your fellow Americans are crying in pain, fear and outrage?

How Trumpy Christian of you!

Are you happy that you’re siccing government, which you hate, on other Americans to impose your beliefs on them?

Are you ok with taking away other people’s freedoms? Why is this pleasing? How are other private lives your business? For society? What are you — a Socialist?

We know you care more deeply about the unborn than the born. And you can’t fight your way out of this moral paper bag. Although it’s interesting to watch you try.

You believe what you believe and have your media’s spin and memes — and your internet research — to prove your beliefs. And that’s that.

But with all due respect, it sure doesn’t seem to square with your love of freedom.

You know, the freedoms you notoriously demand for yourself. Like:

— Freedom from government tyranny! Live free or die! Don’t tread on me! But feel free to tread on any American inseminated by accident, rape or relative. Liberty ends when a sperm penetrates an egg. God said in our Constitution.

— Freedom from government masks and vaccines. Aka, freedom to spread the pandemic and sicken and kill other people. My body my choice!

— Freedom from government watching you, following you, and intruding in your private life. Except as your Supreme Court now permits in Dobbs v. Jackson.

— Freedom from government jack-booted thugs in Nazi bucket helmets rappelling from black helicopters and busting down your door to arrest and frog-walk you out in chains. But not to take away your guns. An angry ex or warring homeowner association neighbor spied you visiting your ob-gyn and snitched like Germans ratting on frenemies to the Gestapo.

— Freedom from government spending your hard-earned tax dollars on Socialist “welfare” that keeps the lazy undeserving post-unborn, aka, “children,” from going hungry, homeless or without health care.

— Freedom from the cost and hassle of adopting or supporting children you demanded to be born. The result of your values is not your problem.

— Freedom from government gun control. Which means freedom to carry, shoot and kill as you see fit. Even if you lack the training and accountability of law enforcement and means more children get slaughtered in school.

— Freedom as guaranteed by democracy. Which means one person, one vote, right? The majority of votes wins, right? Which is why 60 percent of Republicans still believe the Big Lie that Democrat fraud undercounted Trump votes and stole the election, right?

If you believe in democracy, then why are you pleased how you, a distinct minority, beat the overwhelming majority of Americans who backed Roe and opposed government-forced birth? Thanks to GOP gerrymandering and control of Congress that let Trump — who lost the popular vote twice — pack the “not political” Supreme Court and give you the power to dictate freedom for the rest of America?

Might you worry how the Supreme Court you own might cancel more freedoms that you or loved ones count on? Including marriage freedom like Justice Clarence and “Ginni“ Thomas enjoy?

Like you say about gun controls, canceling freedom is a slippery slope.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

Jeffrey Denny

A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.