“Some rich people are gaming the system to get COVID-19 vaccines using hefty donations and cozy relationships with CEOs”/Business Insider

How to jump the line and still feel fine

Jeffrey Denny

I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die — Vampire Weekend

Even more disturbing than Covid vax deniers, bless their poor misguided hearts, are the vax entitled.

These are elites who grab shots before their turn so they may live long and prosper while the vax populi sicken and die. Let them eat ventilators!

Maybe you know someone who jumped the vax line. Maybe you’re ashamed to be that someone. Maybe right now you’re reading a Medium post by a hypocritical someone who landed a single-dose Johnson & Johnson through connections.

Jumping the Covid vax…


Our national capital is un-American

Jeffrey Denny

With Democrats briefly in charge of the White House and Congress, they’re rushing through their radical liberal wish list.

Open borders? Check. Free college and healthcare? Check. Welfare for All, Green New Deal, canceling freedom starting with hate speech and assault weapons? Check, check and check. Making America Socialist? Working on it.

Next up: DC Statehood.

The crazy left wing wants to grant some 700,000 Americans in Washington — roughly the number in Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming — full representation to go along with taxation. …

Trumps Trump

Jeffrey Denny


Like Jan Brady complaining that her sister Marcia gets all the attention, Republican Neanderthals, their puppet Trump media and other domestic terrorists continue to be tragically obsessed with a certain Millennial from the Bronx, New York.

They call her AOC, even with the respect she is due as a twice-elected Member of Congress to be called the Honorable U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And she’s back in the news, calling for her fellow Queens, New Yorker, Governor Andrew “Not Super Mario” Cuomo, to step down for behavior that his dad would slap him for.

AOC is…

Tucker Carlson from TheGuardian.com, “His Hatred is Infectious.”

And while we’re at it …

Jeffrey Denny

I get why the liberal elite Democrat Socialists canceled Dr. Seuss.

Haters of God and America are traumatized that the Grinch failed to steal Christmas.

I get the liberal canceling of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Hasbro, Inc., has yet to offer a Ms. Potato Head you can stick a pink hat on.

Don’t get me started on Hasbro’s lack of any LGBTQ+ Potato Heads or diverse and inclusive red, white, yellow, purple, Maine, Idaho and fingerling Potato Heads.

I also get canceling the violent deadly January 6 Capitol sedition insurrection white race riot because it never happened…

New York Times/pool photo by Olivier Douliery

The Honorable Ted Cruz has his standards and principles

Jeffrey Denny

The “Cancun Cruz” scandal continues to unfold following U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s tropical resort Covidcation while his Texas constituents froze in the dark stuck at home during a deadly pandemic.

A secret recording of his staff meeting just prior to his trip has emerged where aides anticipated the overwhelming backlash and tried to convince the senator to reschedule.

But Cruz was determined to go and let the staff handle damage control.

“I don’t give a bucket of dead possums what the fake news says,” Cruz is heard snapping at his communications director. …

Image from Marquette University

Which are you?

Jeffrey Denny

The famed Swiss Hermann Rorschach’s eponymous personality test did not, as medical history has it, begin with an inkblot.

In fact, Rorschach was dining out in Schaffhausen enjoying a fondue when a molten blob of gruyere fell off his forked bread cube and onto his lap.

Rorschach was alarmed. Not just because the hot cheese pained his schwanzstucker like the dickens. He thought the cheese blob looked just like his mother.

“Do not be alarmed,” assured his fellow diner, also a psychiatrist like most Swiss then. “Sometimes a cheese blob is just a cheese blob.”

Unassured, Rorschach deduced…

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Livemint.com

(You can’t)

Jeffrey Denny

On February 13, 2021, the U.S. Senate voted to acquit former President Hillary Clinton in her second impeachment trial for her role in inciting a violent mob of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, feminists, LGBTQ+, mainstream media enemies of the people, Rachel Maddow fans, The Squad’s squad, liberal elites and other anti-American Socialists to storm the U.S. Capitol.

Following the vote, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks on the Senate floor*:

“January 6th was a disgrace.

“Former President Hillary Clinton’s actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty.

“There is no question that President…

Reflective letter T with inferno flame/Westonsigns.com

Should Trump voters be held accountable?

Jeffrey Denny

74 million Americans did not invade the Capitol. Several hundred rioters did. And 74 million Americans did not engineer the campaign of disinformation and rage that provoked it. One person did.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement condemning former President Donald Trump after his acquittal was a powerful indictment.

Yes, it defied logic, but here we are — Trump is overwhelmingly guilty as charged, but free to be reelected and commit future high crimes and misdemeanors, the kind of recidivism the liberals are accused of indulging.

If only McConnell had made his case before the vote about Trump’s…

Fox, “Let’s Be Real,” via New York Post

Or both? Diabolical!

Jeffrey Denny

A Trump lover commenting on my Facebook feed was outraged by a sweet, apolitical story about President Biden’s dogs Champ and Major.

She barked, “This is how you distract people from the fact Joe Biden is a puppet president with no agenda & prefers to be a dictator.”

To confess, I love reading Trumper comments for the complex pleasure of being delighted by irritation. Especially when the powerfully expressed opinions are misspelled, ungrammatical, illogical and simply re-bleat Trump media propaganda while calling people who disagree stupid sheep.

Yes, I’m ashamed to be a Facebook rubbernecker who can’t seem…

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

A handy test to choose between Trump or America

Jeffrey Denny

Respectable mainstream Republicans are on the horns of an historic dilemma.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s slither to Mar-a-Lago to bend over backwards, kiss the ring and lick the boots of Donald Trump was not just an astonishing moral contortion rivaling the formidable yoga pose Kala Bhairavasana, “Destroyer of the Universe.”

Nor was McCarthy’s genuflecting to Trump merely a miracle of shameless Faustian bargaining after Trump incited his domestic terrorist insurrection mobs to attack our Capitol and threaten lawmakers, including McCarthy’s own Republican caucus.

Most of all, when McCarthy sold his soul for unity with Trump to take…

Jeffrey Denny

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